Benefits of using Duplex Steel in Liquefied Natural Gas

Duplex Steel


Duplex steel is available in various kinds in the marketplace. It is considered essential materials for some industries. It consists of austenitic and ferritic stainless steel. This steel is melted by liquid phase to make the complete ferritic structure. It will be widely accessed in oil and gas applications. The duplex steel alloy is characterized by molybdenum and chromium content. Dinesh Tube India is engaged to provide numerous of pipes and tubes in different specifications and grades to clients. These products are accessed in aircraft, aerospace, shipbuilding, building, and drilling industries. We are offering materials to meet the needs of our clients.

The alloy provides high tensile strength. It offers exact corrosion resistance to control erosion and corrosion cracking. Piping materials are created by our manufacturers based on the requirements of customers. We might use the best grade materials to deliver the fine quality of products. We supply various materials in different size and specification to clients. However, steel is manufactured by a combination of two materials. Duplex steel pipes are used on high pressure and temperature applications. These kinds of products are welded easily. It offers perfect resistance than other austenitic. Duplex steel is commonly used in any grades of the steel.

Affordable Cost::

The stainless steel contains less molybdenum and nickel than counterparts of the corrosion resistance. It is available at cost effective price in the marketplace. This alloy decreases the thickness of stainless steel and maximizes yield strength. It allows you to save lots of cost on the manufacturing process. The combination might save weight and cost when compared to austenitic steel. You might buy materials at a best price from our suppliers. The cost of steel is lower due to less alloying content. We offer materials to complete a project on your limited cost.

Make a good project:

If you consider Duplex steel for creating any kind of project, then you might acquire more benefits. Lower nickel of duplex grade is offered perfect thermal conductivity than another grade. It let you transfer low heat surface are to handle a project to meet your needs. Stainless steel provides successful corrosion resistance on performing the project. It is a great material used for your welding project. It makes you gain good knowledge and experience in the field. The duplex steel helps you to make high quality of the project.

Why use duplex stainless steel?

This steel produces more weight savings to people. It offers high resistance, stress corrosion cracking, and crevice corrosion. It has extreme heat conductivity and less thermal expansion. Duplex steel grades are mostly used for construction purpose. While using our product you might save construction cost and maintenance cost. It contains excellent corrosion resistance with lots of liquids. We offer the quality of product that fits to your cost and requirement. Moreover, it assists you to deliver the project at a certain time. Do you want to buy Duplex steel materials? Concern our suppliers and order products based on your need.


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