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The Titanium Flanges are one of the great materials to prevent seawater corrosion. It is strong, corrosion resistance and lightweight. It is used for the different applications such as medical equipment, oil industry, military, glasses, petrochemical equipment, gas industry and much more.
The flanges are famous joining method after the welding. It is widely used when the joints need dismantling that offers flexibility and convenience for maintenance. It helps to connect the pipes with different valves, components, and others. The flanged joint composed of different components such as bolting flanges, and gaskets.
The titanium flanges are effective metals in the chemical industry. It is used to handle chlorine compounds in the solution. It helps to prevent the material from the seawater corrosion. It resists corrosion by the saltwater. It is also used throughout the marine, oil, desalination, gas and other industries.

Different types of Titanium Flanges

The titanium has low density, a lustrous and strong material with the silver shadow. The product is strengthening with the usual heat temperature to provide the maximum mechanical properties. These products are used in different industries such as chemical plant, textile machinery, sugar mill, and others.
⦁ Forged Flanges
⦁ Plate Flanges
⦁ Blind Raised Face Flanges (BLRF)
⦁ Tongue & Groove Flanges
⦁ BS 10 Flanges
⦁ Slip-on Raised Face Flanges (SORF)
⦁ EN 1092-1 Flanges
⦁ Ring Type Joint Flanges
⦁ Flat Face Flanges
⦁ Screwed/Threaded Flanges
⦁ Weld Neck Raised Face Flanges
⦁ ANSI / ASME / ASA B16.5 Flanges
⦁ Orifice Flanges
⦁ Socket Weld Raised Face Flanges
⦁ DIN Flanges
⦁ Spectacle Blind Flanges
⦁ BS 4504 Flanges
⦁ Reducing Flanges
⦁ JIS STD Flanges

Applications of Titanium Flanges

The titanium flanges have high strength than other metal flanges like stainless steel. It makes the product ideal for the application which needs good strength, lightweight and others. The titanium flanges deliver the great performance which designed for meeting the demands. There are large ranges of the titanium flanges available in the market. These Titanium Flanges are used in different industries such as
⦁ Structural pipe
⦁ Fabrication industry
⦁ Heating
⦁ Plumbing
⦁ Gas and Oil pipeline
⦁ Paper industry
⦁ Chemical industry
⦁ Food Processing Sector
⦁ General purposes applications
⦁ Power plant
⦁ Water supply industry
⦁ Marine industry and others
With the help of this product, you can improve the production process. It has excellent corrosion resistance. So you can use in the power plant or other applications. The special control is needed into the titanium flanges application to manage the joint which has the leak tightness. It is not suitable for the flange connection in the underground piping. It is a common source of the leak as well as a fire in the process plant. The titanium flanges can be classified into different types that fit your needs.

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We manufacture the products in the international quality standard. We provide different types of graders such as GR 1, GR 2, GR 3 to GR-7 Titanium Flanges. You can purchase the flanges based on your industrial applications. The flanges are available in various dimension, thickness and specification according to the requirements of clients. We provide the products at a reasonable price and focus on offering the product value for money. There are wide ranges of reasons for choosing our company such as
⦁ High-quality products
⦁ Small and large titanium flanges orders
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⦁ Timely deliveries
⦁ Customer focused approach
⦁ Variety of the stainless steel and alloy products
We have modernized manufacturing unit which produces quality products to the clients. The titanium flanges are durable that suits for all projects. We have experienced experts in the manufacturing field. So we provide the international standard products to the customers at the minimum price.

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