Dual Disc Check Valve

Dual Disc Check Valves are designed and manufactured according to API 594 and available in wide rages like Metal to Metal Sealing, Soft Sealing, totally lined Valves with different lining material like Rubber of all varieties, PTFE/PFE etc.

Dual Disc design ensures minimum pressure drop across the Valve. Spring loaded Disc ensures mounting of the Valve in Horizontal or Vertical direction. Space required for installing this Valve is comparatively lesser than Swing Check Valves.

Dual Disc Check Valves are available in varied material like Cast Iron, S.G. Iron, Cast Carbon Steel, Cast Stainless Steel of all Grades, High Alloy Steels like Alloy-20, CD4MCu., Hastelloy etc. Size rage commences from 50NB through 600NB and Pressure Rating from ANSI 150# through 600#.

Dual Disc Check Valve - Techanical Specification

Size Range
50 NB through 600 NB
Pressure Rating
ANSI – 150#, 300#, 600#
Dual Disc Fully Rubber lined/ Unlined Body
End Connection
Sandwich/ Flanged
Automatic with return pressure
Port Opening
Soft – Rubber/ PTFE/ Metal to Metal
Dual Disc Spring Loaded
Gasket & Packing
Graphite/ PTFE
Refer Material Chart
Design Code
API – 594
API – 598
3rd Party/ Client/ Manufacturer

Features of Dual disc valves:


• Lift and Pivot Action – reduces seat wear, prolongs seat life
• Stabilization Spheres – prevent vibration and wear
• Disc Seal Overlap – provides positive seal, prevents seat distortions
• Disc Stabilization – prevents disc flutter
• Flow Sensitive Closure – spring assisted closure minimizes the potential for water hammer
• Pressure Sensitive Vulcanized Seats – provide tight closure at both low and high pressures
• Body Alignment Fins – provide precise alignment in ANSI 125 and ISO PN10 and PN16 installations