Diaphragm Valve

Dinesh Tube (India) Diaphragm Valves are designed and manufactured according to BS 5156. They are extensively used in water treatment plants, fertilizer & petrochemical industries, chemical process units, refineries and power plants. They are suitable for positive pressure and high vacuum applications. Due to wide range of material options it is suitable to handle almost all applications within its pressure-temperature limitations.

Total wet area and working parts are isolated from the working media by suitable lining with various qualities of Rubber, PTFE/PFE etc. ensures handling of highly corrosive fluids in efficient and safer manner.

Maintenance of these Valves are made very simple. By dismantling the Bonnet from the Body, the entire Trim Assembly can be taken out for maintenance and the Body remains in the Pipeline. Thus the design permits online maintenance and saves time and energy. It has linear flow characteristics, which makes it well suited to throttling or modulating duties. On/off and control automation is provided with Pneumatic Actuators or Cylinders.

Dinesh Tube (India) Diaphragm Valves are available in varied material like Cast Iron, S.G. Iron, Cast Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel of all grades, High Alloy Steels like Ally-20, CD4MCu., Hastelloy etc. Manufacturing range starts from 15NB through 200NB and pressure rating in ANSI 125/150#.

Diaphragm Valve - Techanical Specification

Size Range
15 NB
200 NB
Pressure Rating
ANSI – 150#
Screw Down – Fully
Rubber lined/
Unlined Body
End Connection
Flanged and Threaded
Hand wheel/Pneumatic Actuator
Port Opening
Soft – Integral
Equivalent Body Material withRubber Lining/PTFE Lamination
Gasket & Packing
Refer Material Chart
Design Code
BS – 5156
API – 598
3rd Party/ Client/