Different Ingots

Brass Ingots

Our Brass Ingots are available in distinct standard specifications including Lead Free High Grade Brass Ingots, Leaded Brass Ingots, Tin Brass Ingots etc.
Our Brass Ingots are typically used in:

• Valves, cocks, plumbing fittings, hardware and other ornamental castings
• Marine fittings, castings for the electrical trade, brush holders.
• Pipe fittings, gas fittings, door and furniture fittings, switchgear brush holders.
• Pump bodies, bolts, nuts, end plates for heat exchange equipment and machine parts.
• Flanges, end plates and fittings for marine applications and imitation jewellery.

Zinc Ingots

We offer the following Zinc Ingots:
Special High Grade (99.995% pure) – Brands AZ, KZ etc.
High Grade (99.95% pure) – Brands KZ, Hindustan Zinc, SMC, Iranian, Chinese and Russian Zinc.
Prime Western (P.W) – 98.5% pure.

Copper Ingots

We offer both remelted copper ingots and fresh copper ingots. We supply Electrolytic grade copper ingots and copper ingots of 99.8% purity. The other specifications such as size and weight can be customized according to specific requirements.

Aluminium Ingots

We offer Aluminium Ingots of the following range:

Electrolytic / Primary Grade: 99% pure aluminium ingots
Secondary Aluminium Ingots: 97% pure
Aluminium Alloy Ingots: Purity level varying from 91% to 94%

Our Aluminium Ingots are typically used in:
> Marine engineering
> Petroleum industries
> Petroleum industries
> Chemical industries.