Comparison between Nickel Fasteners & Copper Fasteners

types of fasteners

Nickel Fasteners

Nickel alloy fasteners are broadly utilized because of their quality and pliability. Nickel superalloys display high quality combined with high-temperature opposition and are utilized for high pressure, high warmth applications. Fashioned nickel combinations are portrayed by their enemy of destructive properties just as the high quality and temperature opposition properties found in the other nickel composites. Monel®, Hastelloy®, and Inconel® have generally utilized fashioned alloys. While they do deliver high-quality fasteners, nickel compound screws, fasteners, nuts, and studs are hard to machine and require unique taking care of to maintain a strategic distance from work solidifying and fragility. Nickel Alloy Fasteners are adaptable metal fastener alloys components that blend in with numerous metal fasteners like the model, treated steel, and Hastelloy, and so on It can withstand high weights and temperatures and have great consumption opposition. Nickel 200 and 201 have similar properties and are economically unadulterated fashioned compounds. There are numerous kinds of nickel fasteners accessible, for example, Nickel Alloy stud fastener, level washer, lock nut provider, square fasteners, twofold finished stud, DIN 24066/20466 fasteners, square nuts, cap screw, bumper washer, washer’s exporter, and nuts. Nickel 200/201 Fasteners are non-ferrous metals with amazing erosion opposition, prevalent raised temperature properties, high quality, and sturdiness. As a result of these properties, they are generally utilized in fumes frameworks, motor parts, and other high warmth gear, segments, and hardware presented to acids, synthetics, and other destructive material, siphon and valve segments, marine and saltwater gear, food preparing and food serving gear.


  • Food processing or food serving hardware 
  • Marine and saltwater gear 
  • pump and valve parts 
  • Gear and segments presented to synthetic compounds, acids, and other destructive materials 
  • Fumes frameworks, motor parts, and other high warmth hardware. 

Dinesh Tubes custom fasteners utilizing all evaluations of nickel combinations. We are knowledgeable about working with metals that are hard to machine and will oblige the particular properties of the composites. We offer full CNC assembling and fashioning creation abilities and can fabricate fasteners with demanding resistances in non-standard designs. We offer custom sizes, shapes, and string designs. Our fastener is fabricated to MIL-I 45208 norms and we can produce to ASTM, SAE, DIN, and client characterized details whenever required. Dinesh Tubes are the leading nickel exporters in India.

We are focused on furnishing every customer with a top-notch, creation prepared latch. Our staff will work with you all through creation to guarantee that your fastener meets your necessities.

Copper Fasteners

As copper has a wide electrical and warm conductivity and these items are utilized in the electrical machines. Dinesh Tubes is the unmistakable fabricator, provider, exporter, and stockiest of the great nature of the Copper Fasteners. These are most usually utilized in mechanical applications. We are offering various norms, specializations, and grades in the fastener to the customers. The equivalent is given to the customers according to the cut-made details gave by them. Legitimate assembling standards are given in the manufacture of the specific fastener. Our experience makes us the trustable assembling unit among the clients. 

Copper is a synthetic component that is delicate, pliant, and malleable in nature. It likewise has exceptionally high electrical and warm conductivity this causes it to be utilized in various uses of electrical utilization. The copper is utilized as a channel of warmth and power. It is among the couple of metals that can happen in nature in a legitimately usable metallic structure. It is likewise considered as the best key constituent of the respiratory protein complex. Dinesh Tubes is one of the best copper manufacturers in India.

Copper Fasteners are generally utilized in the electrical applications in the center handling enterprises. fasteners are additionally utilized in the marine and destructive conditions; they are likewise utilized in the clinical hardware as a result of its compelling highlights. fastener likewise contain different attributes same as the copper- 

  •  Stable in high temperatures 
  •  Corrosion obstruction 
  •  Good form capacity 
  •  High weldability 
  •  Durable 
  •  High rigidity

Kinds of the fasteners 

  1.  Carriage bolts have the domed and subset head. Square segments under the head hold into the aspect of the screw which is utilized for turning the nuts when fixed and extricated. 
  1.  Machine screws are broadly utilized by enterprises that have a level point. That is accessible in different kinds and tops of the drive. 
  1.  Shoulder bolts are likewise known for the machining screws. This sort is commonly utilized in businesses for machines and different applications. 

We fabricate every one of these sorts which are broadly utilized in business ventures. The nature of copper clasp is given to suitable customers according to them. 

The most widely recognized kind of Copper latch, a Copper hex head jolt is intended to be fixed with a standard spanner or fastener and attachment. Prevalently utilized in all congregations, a standard Copper hex jolt is a staple over the world. Produced to ISO 4014 or DIN 931, and in this way incorporates an unthreaded segment of the pole. A hex drive allows a more noteworthy force burden to be applied to the joint over most other drive types. Our Copper metric nuts are intended to be utilized related to the comparable estimated metric Copper fasteners, Copper screws, and Copper washers.

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